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Why Steel Pipe Doesn’t Always Follow the Steel Market.

Steel pipe is separate from the steel market due to one major factor, steel pipe is price driven by coil versus general steel shape products such as angle, channel, and beam.  Coil must be made from a slab (vs a billet) and that coil market drives the pricing in the steel market.  Coil is used in the automotive, appliance and any other industry that uses sheet.  Since coil may be in short supply or high supply it is the availability and price of coil that drives steel pipe pricing at any given moment.    Read More

Do People Care Anymore?

I recently had an associate who was struggling with their iPhone.  To rectify the situation it would take a trip to the Apple store.  The phone would not receive phone calls or text messages and we were told by the phone service that it would need to go to apple.  The associate immediately departed for the store and everyone else went back to work.

Murphy’s law kicked in and one of the associate’s most valued customers showed up to pick up an order.  Unfortunately, no one in the building knew what the order was, including the driver that was sent to pick it up. To complicate the matter, the associate that has no phone service, was the rep for the account and was probably the only person that knew what we needed to do and he was unreachable.. or so the average person would think.

 This customer needed their product for a rush job and the clock was ticking.

I said to myself, ” Well where there is a will, there is a way”. So I called Apple.  I was greeted by the auto attendant and the usual automated conversation ensued;

“What kind of product are you calling about ?”

Me- “ operator”

Automated person -“ I’m sorry that is not in our database, what product are you calling about “

 Over and over.

I figured I was toast on my search to prove it could be done, but I started pressing zero.  At every new “Sorry-you-don’t-get-to-talk-to-a-person” prompt, I pressed zero.  After many many zeros,  bam, person. “Thank you for calling the apple help desk my name is …. can I get a name and phone number in case we are disconnected”  .. I thought, oh boy here we go with the I can’t help you.

I explained my situation, the name of who I was trying to reach and that we had a small emergency and my associate was supposedly at the Apple store in Oklahoma City and I was trying to call the store to have him paged ( yep I’m that old).  To my surprise, the gal on the other end of the phone said: “ let me see what I can do”

… hold music….

Finally, she comes back  “ what was the associated name again? We are still trying “ …. hold music … then she is back “ for some reason I cannot call the location while I have you on the phone, I would like to hang up on you attempt to call the store and then call you back”  … my brain says “ yep just as I expected, the end.” But within minutes I get a callback, “It is Apple, please press 1 to discuss your recent request with apple.”  I said “hello” the reply       “ Mr. Sparks I have reached out to the apple store In Oklahoma City” ….. wait for it …… “and I have passed on the message and with any luck your associate should be calling you shortly.”

I sat there stunned, I doubtingly said “Ok,” they reply, “is there anything else we can help you with today Mr. Sparks”  with skepticism I said “ no and thank you” .. “ you have a wonderful day Mr. Sparks and thank you for calling Apple.”

Within five minutes a strange number rings  on my phone, the associate says “ Darren?” I laughed and said yep!  He said an apple guy just came running down the mall into the AT&T store and said I needed to call you, we have an emergency?   I explained the situation and we rectified the situation.  I wish I had written down every person that was involved in this experience but I didn’t because I thought it would go nowhere, so you all have my apology and a thank you to apple and all parties involved, from the operated to the store to the employee that remembered he had just sent my partner down to AT&T and ran down there to have him call me.  You saved my business situation, which in turn saved my customers business situation.  For that, I will continue to support you and my local store. Here is to the people, the people in every organization that make a difference. People like I proudly work with everyday at all of our locations! We firmly believe in people first and then business takes care of itself, that was proven by the biggest and smallest today!  It wasn’t about technology, internet speed, power bumps or circuit boards it was about people caring enough to help an old cowboy out.

Hats off to you People if apple !! Well done. Read More