Business Self Defense

I was studying a few days ago, watching videos etc and the topic of self-defense was broached.  The question was asked by a Master, what is Self defense? The answer is pretty clear, to defend yourself from others, the economy, bad employees, bad bosses etc.   To train and prepare yourself for the day when you need to protect yourself ….

This is usually done by posturing up, creating a base and protecting your turf at all costs…The Master said, “ you are mistaken, self-defense is exactly what it implies SELF-defense, to protect one from themselves.  It is preparing yourself for those tough times and how you will handle it. External forces will be what they will be.  The economy will not cooperate, your competitor will not have mercy, that a bad employee or bad boss will not have an understanding.  Posturing will only make the situation worse, just as in fighting, it indicates you are ready for battle.

It is instigating further fighting .. when one has a SELF-defense mindset they are judging their own actions in the situation at hand and how they will handle themselves.  It is continuing to do the right things and the things that are needed to be done to maintain balance.

It is keeping ones Whit’s about themselves to ensure they are thinking in the critical times and making the intelligent decisions that eliminate the worse possible outcome.  Keeping panic from happening to trigger the fight or flight reaction. In business or in a personal setting keeping your SELF in control is the key to success.  It is a much better skill and a much harder skill that must be practiced.. controlling yourself to save money when times are good, spend money when times are bad, actively managing through difficult times and communication when communicating is difficult are all SELF defense skills. As my good friend tells me if you cannot train your self then hire a counseling ninja to teach you 🙂

So protect yourself by focusing on yourself, practice SELF Defense !