What Happened To Hello?

Recently we lost a valued friend and advisor to our little company and in reflecting on his presence it was amazing to me the impact he could have in just a “Hello”.  Most of us go on with our days with the pleasantries, “Hello”, “how are you”, “ I’m Good”.  Yet how many of us truly mean it?  How many of us really do care how you are?  What about the kind of hello that starts with a handshake but then becomes so much more.  The kind of hello that lingers on your soul.

What happened to the “Real” greeting? Not the trained quick meet, but the kind that starts with eye contact as if the person you are greeting is the only one in the room, it is slow with an extended hand, a smile, a pause, and then “hello”.  What happened to a  handshake that involves the initial handshake and a slight pull on the hand as if to say, “welcome”.  What happened to the introduction, “I am …… and you are?”.. then the hand shake lingers as you say your name and then an affirmative final part of the hand shake saying, “nice to meet you.”

What happened to the placement of the off hand on the handshake with a slow and cordial “how are you today”?   At this point the handshake feels odd to most but, not odd at the same time, it is wonderful, it’s like he truly cares …. (which he does).   Suddenly, “fine” doesn’t seem like the appropriate answer,  yet, if you try to respond with something the third party “well we are working hard today,” his response is “ That’s wonderful but how are you?”  That is usually follow with an amazed look as if the person has never been asked truly “how are YOU!” Then the dropping and folding of the hands and a slight tip of the head  and a lean in as you engage in conversation.   What happened to the courage to not let anyone interrupt you as you introducing yourself.. .. I have actually seen the man hold up his finger as if to say “I will be with you shortly, right now I am meeting this wonderful person”

What happened to the kind of hello that leaves you with a feeling that you just meet a friend. What happened to the kind of hello that lingers even after you have departed.. The kind of hello that causes a feeling of warmth and a slight smile as you leave…….. the kind of hello that feels almost spiritual in nature??  The kind of hello that when you think of the person, you can feel the warmth rush over you again , the kind of hello that makes you feel like you cannot wait to talk to them again…

What will happen to hello?