Why Hire a Millennial?

Well, first you can’t spell it.. secondly I have been up all night thinking about it… Lastly, I am an 80’s kid farm boy from Idaho who never finished college and got to the top the hard way, so I really struggled with them, so what the hell, here we go…

Ask a millennial what they think and they will tell you…isn’t that annoying ??? Interview one and ask them if they have any questions and they will pull out a list… how much vacation do I get, when are my days off, what is your benefits plan, do you have flex time, can you clearly define the job….. I can hear the 97-year-old whine, the 77-year-old roll his eyes, and the 57-year-old thinking… welp.. they’re done. With a little help from my doctorate friend Mr. McCalla who really deserves the credit, I started to take a second look.

The  “problem” with a Millennial is,  if you ask them what they think, they will tell you. Ask them if they have questions, they have plenty.  They are a “me generation”, but not in an 80’s all-consuming way (guilty) but in a quality-of-life-work-life-balance kinda way.  They are not money driven but more I-want-paid-for-my-skills-is-all kinda way. They aren’t lazy they are really more “I’ll-crank-my-work-out-and-go-home-efficient kind of way.” They don’t want to work FOR you, they kinda want to work WITH you.  (How dare they, right?) They don’t know the job but they have an “I-damn-sure-have-the-skills-I-can-figure-out-the-job-so-I-don’t-need-to-pay-my-dues kind of confidence.”  They don’t think they are smarter than you but they are master researchers with info at their fingertips (after all they have a computer in their front pocket , you call it a phone) so they have an I-will-figure-it-out kind of attitude about it.  They don’t need to grind it out as they are technological efficiency experts.

It’s funny, the generations before them coined the phrase “I was damn sure looking for a job when I found this one”… they are much the same way but in a technologically-efficient-I’ll-turn-my-job-matching-skills-matching-my-salary-with-my (you get the idea) App Thingy back on and have 6 interviews by tomorrow kinda way.  They are all about the rules as long as they make sense.They don’t want to just work, they want work with purpose.  I think the problem we all have with a millennial is they don’t fit any mold,  each of them wants to be their own mold, not in a hippy, 80’s big hair band, grunge group identity kinda way, more of a l-want-everything-I-touch-to-be-better-and-make-statement-and-kind-of-have-my-creative-signature-on-it kinda way. Can they communicate?? What??? Have you seen this tweeting-facebooking-Snapchattery-thingy they all use at light speed ??? (Ask your millennial, they’ll show you)

Look, if you are hiring in any generation there are lazy ones, weird ones, quite ones and loud ones .  What’s the secret ? Hire a good one (same as any generation) … when you really think about it… WE created the millennial. It’s like they have read every self-help-how-to-be-a-better-you book all of you old foggies wrote…. I mean aren’t they what we have always wanted in an employee?? Someone who tells you the truth, speaks their mind, ask questions, knows work life balance, works with purpose, can 5 minute manage, embrace technology, write a letter, communicate clearly, have confidence at work, be creative, doesn’t look at it as “just a job” etc???  I mean… really… how long have you wanted someone that can do the job (probably more efficient than you), is highly educated, well dressed. professional, can speak clearly, is passionate, caring, can hold their own with any age group but just happens to love classical music, plays the guitar, speaks French, climbs mountains, eats healthy, and after studying  for their masters program all week, paints on the weekends before they ride their Harley’s and show off their tattoos, has dinner with some friends somewhere cool but gets home early enough to have a glass of wine, watch their Netflix series’s thingy and make sure they are prepared to come to work on Monday and change world???  Well… I’ll take one, hell give me an army of them.  (One of my favorites is editing this right now) But, don’t worry, if you don’t believe me, as we are changing the world I’ll have them send you an update for me on this bloggy-tweetybird-chapsnappy-instantphoto-thingy… just make sure you subscribe so you can keep up with us 🙂

*drops mic*